Modern goods are often complex. They consist of many parts which are frequently processed in a variety of different countries, and which may result in goods being assembled into finished articles, and subsequently packaged in third countries.

It is therefore sometimes difficult to know exactly which country is the correct 'Country of Origin' for customs purposes, and the 'importer of record' may incur fines and other penalties for making incorrect customs declarations. I advise clients on the appropriate 'Country of Origin' of their goods for reasons of import and/or export control law.

I also advise clients on customs matters, including;

  • Customs clearance procedures

  • Preferential trade arrangements

  • Valuation of goods

  • Duty deferment

  • Importer of record

  • Commercial agreements

  • Incoterms®

  • Customs procedure codes

  • Anti-dumping

  • WTO

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